red roller coaster train on top of rail
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The lines laid down, they loop in larger hoops

With holes so large, it’s kinda easy

To swoop your way through, and yes, they do.

One day soon, I will find a way to tie those loops,

To block the troops that march from left and right,

Up and down, trying desperately to

Find a way around my words that school.

I’m pulling my hair out at the moment. Because. Kids. Are. Sneaky. They seem to have found every way that they can to make this online teaching thing really hard.

To start with, they have this tendency to log on and then just disappear. It means that they are registered as being present but actually they’re off doing something else and haven’t listened to a word.

I’m feeling so frustrated with it and I just really needed to vent. I sent a small piece of work and only 62% of the class bothered to send anything in. I know it’s because these people haven’t even been listening to the lessons and it just makes me think of all those time in my life that I have tried to get away with the bare minimum.

We’ve all done it, so it’s not like I can get too angry at these kids. It seems to be a human flaw to want to always find the path of least resistance. I now see how frustrated my bosses must have been when I was knackered and just did as much as was needed to not get into trouble.

I think if we want to be good humans, we need to start trying to do everything we can. It should feel good to do a good job, so why not? I find it amazing what I learn from the kids about myself and the way I should act. I just wish that they would do the bloody work!!!!

Much Love

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “loopholes

  1. Margot Kinberg

    You’re right that a lot of people do the bare minimum. And it’s especially hard when parents don’t teach and support following curiosity and working to achieve goals. Society isn’t always supportive, either.

    1. patientandkindlove

      Yes! We need to encourage people to find things they love and then they won’t be looking for ways to wiggle out of the work. Instead we’re all forced to hit grades in academic subjects and it’s not right for everyone.

  2. clcouch123

    I wish they would do the work as well. Especially after all that has been done to make it doable. Logging on then leaving should be an administrative issue, requiring systemic revision and action to address the technology or-and the bureaucracy of it. There is satisfaction in trying. I know you aim for that in all your learners.

      1. clcouch123

        I appreciate the metaphor, though if you actually did, I wonder how long the impressions of the keys would last upon your forehead. Sorry, had to say that. My real hope is that things improve. I wonder if staff members have put their heads together over this (metaphorically).

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