mum, i think i’m gay….

You’re love no matter what, dear son,

I’ve watched you grow into a man,

I’ve fed and clothed and washed out bloody knees.

How could it be possible to turn that rooted love

Into something festering and hateful too,

Just because of who you love?

My son came to me after several days of being really down, and he told me that he thinks he might be gay. He had been down because he was worried about how I would react and the more I think about it, the more I wonder whether there is a correct way to react.

My initial reaction was a bit of surprise. He’s not a rough and tumble boy, but he’s also not camp, so it wasn’t ‘expected’. But then I very quickly went into a very flippant attitude.

I’m open to anyone loving whoever they want. I strongly believe that we’re all on a bit of a sliding scale. I think we’d be lying to ourselves if we said that we have never felt something for someone of the same sex, no matter how fleeting.

So I kind of just smiled and shrugged and said that I really don’t mind. Which is the truth. But is it what he wanted to hear? He had obviously built it up in his head and I don’t know if my attitude would have seemed a bit flat.

It did remind of the time I told my mum that I was pregnant with him and that fear I felt before I did it. Her reaction was perfect, but who knows how you’re supposed to do these things. I guess this has just taught me that we just have to try the best we can and give each other the love and support that we’d want if we were in the same situation.

Much Love

Rachel xx

11 thoughts on “mum, i think i’m gay….

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Your son is lucky to have a mum who loves him exactly as he is. The person is, no matter who he loves, is unique and amazing; the fact that you see that will help him see that.

  2. katiemiafrederick

    Your Son Is Blessed By Love

    A Mother Loved
    Her Religion




    Who Her


    Was It Nearly

    Drove The


    To Suicide



    Yet She Loved

    Her Mother Through

    The End Took


    Of Her

    No Matter
    What Love







    More Powerful

    Than Any




    Love For All…🦋

  3. Jackjones

    If any of my four children told me that they were gay i guess my reaction would be to hug them and tell them that i love them no matter what happens in their lives or what they prefer to do in their lives, i would support them as much as they needed.

  4. crispina kemp

    Feel for you. How do we react? My eldest daughter told me she was gay. Great, I thought, cos her choice of men of late had been disastrous. Then a couple of months she introduced us to her new man. They’re now married and she’s happily hetro (for now) Yes a sliding scale.

  5. Luke Atkins

    I’m gay and my family was not supportive at all when I came out to them. But seems like you did a great job though and cheers to you for loving him regardless and being supportive!

  6. pariskelley

    Its very tough, but I think with people like the mom are what makes this world easier. Gives me something to feel good about, the world isn’t just filled with people who are hateful, but has people who actually understand and are caring. I’m glad I read this, restores apart of my faith in humanity. Guys if you would like too see what you would look like as women, I have a tutorial on my page that will show you how to achieve this. Your welcome.

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