it’s like watching paint dry

sacred heart of jesus painting with brown frame
Photo by Franck Denis on

Those painted strokes of rugged sight

That mark the page, the surface of the cloth;

They’re all so different in their light,

Their loving take on life that shines

From a sitter, still for hours in the chair,

Burning for the final turn

Of canvases for him to see.

I am a massive fan of the Portrait and Landscape Artist of the Year shows that are on Sky Arts at the moment. I never thought that I would be old enough to literally appreciate watching paint dry; but there you have it, I am officially old and boring.

But the reason I love watching them so much is the fact that the artists all have the same person or scene to paint and yet they all come up with something totally different. Whether it is the way that they put the paint on the paper, or the colours that they choose, or the angle they are looking at the subject; there are never two images that are the same.

I do wonder how well I would fare in the competition. I like to paint but I don’t have a lot of practice, or a style. I’m one of those people that just likes to throw paint down and see how it lands. You never know, my free and easy attitude to art may well go down well with the judges.

Much Love

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “it’s like watching paint dry

  1. clcouch123

    Your attitude might go well indeed with the judges. I’ve only managed to see one episode of one of the shows, because they don’t regularly appear over here–and there is no USA equivalent. I don’t paint, but I like beholding the works of others. Unless the realism is extraordinary, I generally prefer abstract, which I can appreciate across a wide range. If you like to paint, then I hope you do. I imagine it’s a grounding hobby.

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