i wonder if she still hurts?

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It happened when she was so young.

The thing that’s here and now for me.

She went through that at just eight.

Can the pain still last so many years?

Or will it peter out to death?

Surely she can’t have lived through this

For thirty years or more?

That pain would kill in suck high doses,

For so long, so much life to lose.

When I was eight I was a swimmer and there was a girl in my squad who I still remember. Her mum left one day and didn’t come back. She chose another man over her two daughters and she actually left them. They had their dad who is a brilliant guy, but the fact remains; she left them.

I often think of her and since my own mum has bailed on me I think about her a lot more. You don’t understand people’s pain as a child so I didn’t really appreciate what she went through. Now that I’ve been rejected a few times, I think I have a glimpse into that pain.

But what must that have felt like as a child? And does she still feel that pain? I don’t know how many more days or weeks or months I can handle this level of discomfort and I’m a grown woman. Has she lived with this feeling all these years? If she has, then she’s a stronger woman than me.

I’m writing about this because Mother’s Day is almost upon us and that pain just seems to intensify that Sunday. It hurts so much to know that my mum isn’t dead. She just chooses to be apart from me. There are others out there and I feel your pain with all my heart.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “i wonder if she still hurts?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I’m sorry that your mum left. Doesn’t matter that you weren’t a child, it’s still horrible. And I can only imagine what your schoolmate must have gone through. I think that pain probably lasts a lifetime. You learn to go on.

  2. merzkehd

    I’m sorry that you had to go through all of that. It’s definitely a big issue a lot of people struggle with growing up. I hope you have been able to find peace over the years.

  3. crispina kemp

    Mine didn’t bail out, she just continued to needle at me until she died. Never once did she apologise. In her mind she did no wrong. Emotional & mental abuse weren’t words in her vocabulary. So which is worse? I don’t know

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