the girl with all the fame

Flashbulbs click and pop as she leaves

Her head lowered, glasses tinted,

Bodyguards with heavy paws resting on her back.

She dreamed of this, for all her childhood years,

And now she sees the Twitter roars, the echo chamber

Bouncing round her every fault, and amplifying

Sounds that crush until she cannot leave

The dingy flat that cost a million pounds,

Not worth the money; that is what she thinks today,

As she swigs the vodka straight from the litre bottle top.

A tear escapes, hidden from the world,

But she’s too late to turn around,

The dream has turned so very black.

4 thoughts on “the girl with all the fame

    1. patientandkindlove

      I was watching the Caroline Flack documentary last night and it was really sad to see how much she struggled. I think I would have the same difficulties if I got famous, as I’m really sensitive too. People seem to forget that their is a dark side to it before they get into it.

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