where have those ten years gone?

The passing of a month, a year, or decades can

Happen in the flutter of an eye.

Time will never wait or even slow for you,

So grip those precious seconds with

Hands that aged, wrinkled, paper thin,

You’ll need your strength within those bones

To tackle life, a journey bound

To knock the air and wrap you in a hug.

Can you bloody believe it that Kate and William have been married for ten years? It feels like that time has passed in the blink of an eye. And they have brought three really beautiful children into the world and they are so perfect it makes me want to vomit a little bit in my mouth.

I am joking, of course; I love Will and Kate so much and I personally think that they are a credit to the royal family. Plus, I have such fond memories of that day.

I just happened to be working at the head office of the supermarket chain that I was working for so I was entitled to the day off to watch the wedding. I remember the weather being beautiful that week and we had a whole bunch of bank holidays so it just felt magical.

I was drinking at the time and I started at midday so I feel like the afternoon was a bit of a blur but it still felt fun. Noah was in Year R so we made him and his friend pink milkshake and poured it into plastic champagne flutes so that they could toast the happy couple.

I still look at the photos of that day and marvel at how beautiful she was (and let’s face it, she still is). I feel like we need another big royal wedding soon. Prince George needs to hurry up and grow up so that we can have another day off for his wedding to a gorgeous girl he’s picked up at uni.

Much Love


One thought on “where have those ten years gone?

  1. katiemiafrederick

    Yeah strangely enough
    Living All The Way in
    Florida i Remember

    “The Golden
    Child” Prince
    George Born
    On July 22, 2013
    Yes Conspiracy
    Theorists Even
    Predicted That
    Coincided With
    A Planetary Alignment
    13th And Last one
    Until Another
    Hundred Years
    Since the First
    One occurred in
    1990 When the
    Wife And i Were
    Married Special Year
    Then For me Too Yes
    “They” Named That
    Planetary Alignment
    “Star Of David” Then
    Our only Child Lived
    51 Days, ‘Ryan’, Whose
    Name Means “Little King”
    i Didn’t Know It He Born in ‘97
    Yes me Second Generation
    Irish just Liked The Ring of the
    Name Anyway What i Really
    Remember Most is 3 Days
    Before “The Golden Child
    Day” On July 19, 2013, Standing
    On A Beach As The Doctors


    A Real

    Age Medical
    All Natural Miracle

    Pain And Numb
    Finally Melting Away
    From 66 Months From


    To Sleep
    With The
    Worst Pain
    Known To Humankind
    True Type Two Trigeminal

    Neuralgia Yes As You
    Remember 10 Years Ago
    “Patient And Kind” On Word
    Press When The Prince And
    Princess Got Married Today
    Hoping For the Joyous
    Day Prince George

    Gets Married to
    Have Another
    Royal Wedding
    Day off In England

    Ah Yes i Remember
    Getting out of
    Hell 3 Days



    And Everyday
    Has Been Pure
    Without That
    Dentist Drill-Like
    Pain in My Right Eye
    And Ear That No Drug
    Would Touch Then Every
    Waking Hour For 66 Months

    93 Months Now And 11 Days
    i’ve Learned To Celebrate



    As First

    And Last

    Gift Of Heaven

    Now True We May
    Be Reborn in Heaven
    Within Always Now

    Too It’s Just

    A Metaphor
    Of Perspective
    Thank God For
    That Pain i’ll Damned
    Sure Never Complain





    A Real Place
    Worthy of The
    Name Hell The Worst
    Part Losing The Memory
    Of The Feeling of A Smile

    Yes There

    Are Places Every

    Day ‘Commoner People’

    Go And Return Reborn

    Out of An Ocean
    Of Pain And Numb
    in Heaven


    For Real

    Anyway A Cup of English
    Tea A Toast to A Golden Child 😊

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