getting something back

I love a bit of tug of war

I give you some, you pay me back

In bubbles of our inner thoughts

That roll like marbles over desks,

Popping as they reach my feet

Ready to be held in hot and heavy hands

Eager for some payment in

The pockets of my humming mind.

I have always said that teaching the younger kids is my favourite. I like the way that their brains work and I love the innocence. And then, in truth, I have been a little bit scared of the older kids; like they’ll be able to see through me.

However, I’ve started teaching the older ones a bit more regularly and they are really growing on me. I’m starting to love the fact that I get a little something back from them, on an intellectual level.

It’s nice to see a class pulling apart a text and really enjoying that process and it’s really helped me to reignite my love of actually studying literature and not just reading it.

It has made me think a bit about what I get from teaching. Earlier this year, I liked the stories and the funny things they say but as my confidence has grown, I think I like to be challenged myself. It’s nice to open up debates and really delve into the themes. How times are a changin’ for me.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “getting something back

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There is definitely something about that intellectual give and take, isn’t there? When students start to be able to think critically, you can really engage them, and teach them to debate ideas in a healthy and respectful way. And what a boon to the world that is!

  2. K.L. Hale

    Awww….their thinking about their thinking. It’s a miracle in these fast-paced “tell me what to think” and “let’s just get it over” days. I lacked confidence when I went from the little guys to middle school. And my 8 years at the M.S. became my favorite of my career. Keep going my friend. You’re doing amazing things.

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