it’s like a hug from bob ross

gray and black artwork
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That brush on the canvas as his voice trickles out

Like a smearing of treacle or ointment to soothe

When the day has burnt through to the grazed beating heart

And all that you need is a moment that hugs

You close to its chest. And those happiest trees

And the gloss of a lake, will sail you away

To a place free from stresses, and humans that ask

Too much of you, when you’re drained to the hilt.

You’ll fall in the darkness, that swirls round the easel

And if you emerge, then you’ll be a better person,

So climb in the boat and row to the shore

Where the sun never sets and that voice is the cure.

I very often find myself getting sucked into an episode of Bob Ross painting. I know that he has a bit of a cult following and is known for being great at relaxing stressed out minds, a little bit like ASMR videos do.

If you haven’t watched Bob Ross or any ASMR then you really need to have a look at them. I discovered ASMR when I was really stressed and quite ill back in 2017. It seems a bit creepy to start with, but if you are one of the people who get the ‘tingles’, you will be absolutely hooked.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been really sensitive to sound and so these kinds of things really ‘work’ for me. I once went to a class where you had a sound bath and I found it the most amazing experience ever.

It sounded kind of weird that we just had to lie on the floor and listen to some women as she made a metal bowl make a singing noise. But OMG it felt like I’d eaten a funny mushroom.

I think sound is the ultimate way to unwind and Bob Ross is one of my favourites. Go have a look at his videos right this instant!

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “it’s like a hug from bob ross

  1. henhouselady

    His episodes were taped at a studio in Muncie, Indiana. We visited there recently for the Bob Ross Experience. His studio is now a museum. It was so much fun and filled with memories.

  2. Margot Kinberg

    That was such a soothing show! It’s no wonder you had such a good experience de-stressing to it. And I agree with you about the power of sound. I’ve used sounds for meditation, and I find they help me to focus and let go.

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