who are you talking to in your head?

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I hope that we all

Have someone up there in our brains,

That we talk to when lonely

Or scared, or angry

At a world that is savage

And requires some coaching

Like an athlete flagging

On the longest of runs.

I read a poem today, called Stanley. It was about a woman who has an imaginary boyfriend that she breaks up with. Whether or not I read it right, I don’t know, but I took it that Stanley was like her sounding board.

I felt that she was breaking up with a real man but she needed to practice with Stanley so that she didn’t feel so terrified; because knowing that you could be breaking somebody’s heart is terrifying.

It made me think of how I deal with big problems and rehearse them, because I’ve had my own Stanley for a long time. When I was going to counselling, my therapist was called Sophie, and more than a year since I last saw her, I still talk through my problems in my head – with her.

I think that everyone needs a Stanley. He is very important for our mental health and you are far from crazy if you need to take a time out and have a chat with him.

Much Love

Rachel xx

8 thoughts on “who are you talking to in your head?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That’s really interesting – who are those voices? I think that, as a writer, I always have other voices in my head – voices of my characters when they tell me their stories. Sometimes it’s hard to turn of the world and listen to them, but I’m always glad that I did.

  2. crispina kemp

    When I have such problems I *conversation myself* in writing, in a notebook. I did this a lot when I was going through shit. But I’ve come out the other side and I don’t often need it. My sanity, yes, it was my sanity.

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