the eurovision party

One girl arrived, grasping wine

Her toga indicating she is Greece.

Another came with bags of chips,

Claiming to be the Netherlands,

Wearing something close to windmill arms.

The party soon descended in

To moderated chaos as we drank

To get ourselves through crazy songs

We’d never play, commuting in to work.

But all the songs will make us laugh

Or sing or dance until we crash

In a wine drunk, hallucinogenic haze.

I cannot tear my eyes away from the TV at the moment, because the Eurovision Song Contest is on. And it is epic.

There is something so comforting about this weekend about half way through May when all of the craziest pop artists in Europe descend on one city. I am sure that other countries get caught up in it too, because here in the UK we have parties where people come dressed as a country and there are sweepstakes, just like the ones we have for the football.

Those elaborate performances and insane costumes are enough to pull me through the two hour competition. I once did need drink to get through it and although I can now go without it, I would have very much liked a glass of something strong as I watched Germany.

The costume won it for me. Every time the lady dressed as a hand put one of her arms down it looked like she was giving everyone the middle finger. It was a classic Eurovision performance.

My favourite for the night is Malta who gave off strong Lizzo vibes. Now I just have to stay up until midnight to watch the results come in.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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