such a lovely man

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He stood on the doorway, hand gel ready,

Offering sweet greetings

As we left rubbing arms

That were offered up to science.

He peeled off the stickers

And handed them out, as if we were children,

Eager for a reward for being so good.

Such a lovely man made my step a bit lighter

As I walked into rain clouds

That clung to the sky.

The weather has been awful recently and to make life even more rubbish, I had to trek across town to get my vaccination for COVID.

But really, it turned out to be a really pleasant experience. The whole thing runs like clockwork and I think that all of the volunteers should be bloody proud of themselves.

What made it even more pleasant was the man on the door on the way out. We had to sit and wait for fifteen minutes after our jab so that they could check we weren’t going to have an adverse reaction and I was really close to the exit so I got to watch this guy for a full quarter of an hour.

He stood at the door with his hand sanitiser and a sheet of stickers and smiled at everyone. I am sure he had a few people who had been rude to him through out the day, but he was the most cheerful person I had come across today.

I gladly took my sticker and wore it proudly around the supermarket as I did my grocery shopping. The volunteers are wonderful people and I think that we really need to be thankful for their efforts. Especially the efforts of the man at the exit; he is a legend.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “such a lovely man

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I’m really glad to hear you got the vaccine. It’s even better to hear that it was a good experience for you. I actually had a good experience, too. They were pleasant, efficient, quick, and it all went smoothly. And now we’re vaccinated.

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