drowning in competition

man running on black asphalt road
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Treading water as we gasp for air,

The need to win will choke our lungs

Killing all creative whims

With black and chilly waves of woe,

Wondering what will become of us

If we’re not the very best

We’ll drown

And they’ll be glad;

No one wants a losing streak,

Just winners making money for

The ones that pull the strings for us.

I get a little bit freaked out about competition because I want to be the best, but the need to win can sometimes cripple me and I end up performing awfully.

If we don’t cross the finish line first, get the best grade or show ourselves to be the most talented, we are sometimes made to feel absolutely worthless, and that can paralyze people into doing nothing.

The nerves that I used to feel before swim meets were so terrible that I would actually vomit and I wonder if I would have done better if perhaps I cared a little less?

I’m currently watching The Masked Dancer and it’s such a nice format because the whole point of the show is to guess the celebrity rather than to vote them off because they’re crap. I want us to bring out more shows and challenges where being the best isn’t the most important thing. It really is nice to just take part!

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “drowning in competition

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Competition certainly has its good sides and bad sides. I think when there’s a lot at stake, we do tend to be stressed out. In a sense, that anxiety can spur us on. In a sense it can freeze us into immobility.

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