dirty dancing

Just hearing the opening song and those words,

It was the summer of 63 and my dad was still

The greatest man in the world (But we all know

That Johnny Castle was going to change that).

Just hearing that song, it feels like a hug,

A little like remembering a boy from the past,

One that got away but still creeps into dreams

And then flutters away with the ringing alarm.

Something jumps up inside your body, calling us out,

Reminding us that we’re human, that we have needs

If you get what I mean. When he dances with Baby

And takes off her clothes, throwing that shirt

When we know it’s forbidden by the dad she once loved,

Adored like a child now grown to a woman.

And then we all get the treat at the end,

When nobody puts Baby in a dark, empty corner

And we all get to see her have the time of her life,

Breath held together as she runs for the lift.

We all love that film like a friend that we lost,

Then found in a cupboard on a dusty VHS.

It’s reminded me how much I need love and a touch,

To remember the feeling of falling for him,

Toppling so slowly on the edge of a cliff

To be caught in his arms and held oh so tight.

That’s what that movie means to my life

And I’m not even slightly ashamed of my need

To gaze at that man, pretending I’m her;

I need to feel love, even pretend.

2 thoughts on “dirty dancing

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There is something about that film, isn’t there? Even this many years later. It’s just got some sort of magic about it, I think. Nice to be reminded of it.

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