isn’t it nice to have a safe space?

A little corner or a room

Where one can curl up legs beneath

And gently close the eyes, to cry

Or just to breathe, one two three.

Those black and glistening fronds,

The tentacles that reach for me,

Searching through the open windows,

They can’t get me there, sealed inside,

Here I’m safe, and I can breathe

One two three….

I really love the fact that blogging creates such a lovely safe space for all of us. The internet can be a bloody scary place (just hop on over to Twitter if you don’t believe me), but the blogging world is just so lovely and kind and I find that even negative comments are well thought out and intelligent, rather than a stream of vile hate.

I know that a lot of bloggers do use this space to just get our feelings out into the open. We are introverts who are happy to sit in our living rooms with our cats. To us, the outside world is just a little bit scary and writing is the thing that helps us process everything we see out there in the big bad world.

I realise after this very strange year that we all need a safe place. For some people, the isolation that we have endured has been dangerous for them and their safe space is out there with all the people. Crazy, I know. To think there are people out there who like socializing!

Writing does give me so much joy and helps me to feel lighter. The fact that I can write and connect with lovely people at the same time is such a wonderful thing. I just wanted to put that out there…

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “isn’t it nice to have a safe space?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Safe spaces really are important, aren’t they? They allow us to re-charge, to heal, to explore, and to just be who we are. Blogging can really provide that space, but even if one doesn’t blog, it’s important to have a space like that.

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