a summer afternoon on the council estate

close up photo of man cooking meat
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

The hoses snake from kitchen windows as the kids

Squeal with stunned delight as freezing water hits

Their naked bodies running through the fingers of

Sunlight, strong and scorching on their skin.

The pungent smell of marijuana mixes with

The barbecues that hiss and fizzle

As the children dart between the grown up men,

Holding prongs and drinking beer, pretending

It is them who pulled together meals for all

While tired wives, hide in kitchens chopping up

The salad and the rolls and opening the bags of chips.

A dog will howl somewhere, desperate for the men

To put down beers and take up leads,

A walk down by the river, away from this,

This constant noise that echoes round our bubble,

Our grubby grey estate, where no one ever leaves,

We all just drink and smoke and fuck

Away our lives in heated balmy days…

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