vacancy for the position of friend

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There is an opening that came to be today,

When my friend called Jess, handed in her notice.

She was a long term hire, a most reliable sort,

And she would be there when my insides started to

Jellify, and turn to water sloshing in my skin.

Today she told me that she doesn’t think she’s needed now;

It’s not that we have fallen out, it’s just I’m different.

She took the role when I was just a mirage, shimmering,

In need of some solidity, and that was Jess’s part.

But now, she says, I’m stronger, we’ve separated

Like the heavy branches of the oak where we

Would meet when I was drooping with the weight of life.

So now I’m left with a gaping hole, that must be filled

With someone new; a person who can guide me through

This new terrain where there are risks. This person must

Be understanding of my quirks and work

For little more that jelly beans and chocolate coins

And gratitude that pours from me in giant waves.

So if you have no life outside of work,

And challenges will drive you more than money will

Then please apply by Friday noon; a CV and a form,

And if you are successful in your bid to be

My newest friend, I’ll make sure I call.

3 thoughts on “vacancy for the position of friend

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That’s one of the things about growing and changing. Our friendships change, too, and that can be painful in its way. But it also leaves room for new relationships, new friendships, and new experiences. Wishing you well as you look through those CVs…

    1. patientandkindlove

      Yes, I’ve lost friends over the years and I think that a lot of the time it’s for the best (in the nicest possible way). But, I think that sometimes people like to be relied on so when you get stronger they can’t deal with not being needed so much. As you say, we grow and we change..

  2. K.L. Hale

    I understand. I’d love to be your friend! My best friend is 68. I’m 51. As times moves forward,our special spaces have dwindled. Take care my friend. 💚

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