have you ever seen the rain?

Have you ever seen the rain,

When the days are hot and the skies are blue

And we want to dance when the sky splits open?

I just watched this updated video for Have You Ever Seen The Rain? and it reminded me so much of being young. I’m only thirty-six, but sometimes I think back to what feels like another lifetime and makes me go all nostalgic for the past. Records like Have You Seen The Rain take me back to those other lifetimes.

I only went onto Youtube this afternoon to listen to this song because I heard my neighbour playing it in his garden yesterday and I felt those beautiful feelings bubbling up inside of me.

It is only when I reached the end of the video and the three friends are standing on the edge of a field watching the sun come up that one such memory really crystallized in my mind.

I remember being eighteen and living on my own in London. I’d made friends with some people who were real party animals and we went out one night to a club and danced for about eight hours straight.

When we came out of the club the sun was coming up and I remember standing on the edge of the pavement with those people, all of us with our faces raised to the sun. The warmth and the light just felt delicious and I felt entirely in the moment.

And that’s why music is so important to us all. Those moments we remember and the pictures they conjure are perfection. They help us to live in the moment and ask ourselves have you ever seen the rain, and have you ever danced in it like nobody is watching with someone you love?

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “have you ever seen the rain?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    No doubt about it; music touches something in us that resonates. We link songs to certain moments, or to people, or to other memories. We even learn to music (like the ‘ABC’ song). So it’s no wonder that a song would stir you like that.

  2. Greg Dennison

    I love this song.

    And I love that connection between music and memories.

    That’s why I share a song with every episode of DLTDGB (and why I stole the title from a song lyric in the first place) (and why the title of my next blog will also be stolen from a song lyric).

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