they watch over us

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They watch over us when we grapple

With the hardest questions posed in life,

The toughest moments, bringing to our knees,

We looks up towards the leaden sky and ask

Are you there? Do you know how this will end?

Of course they don’t, but they are there,

Placing hands that love and heal on our heavy shoulders

As we stride into those battles that seemed insurmountable.

They cry a tear or two with us, wishing they could touch

In much the same way that they could when living.

But never let it be forgot, that they are there,

Watching over when it hurts and when there’s joy,

They’re always there and if you wish it hard enough

You’ll still feel those arms, giving you a loving squeeze.

Sorry, another Olympic themed post. I am a sports fan so you might get bored over these next few weeks if you don’t care for swimming or athletics or any other new sport that I have taken a fancy to!

My most recent tears came in the diving when Tom Daley won gold in the synchronised event. In the UK, we have been watching him since he was 14 and just hoping that he will one day win.

This was made all the more important when his biggest fan, his dad, got a brain tumour and passed away. Since then, it feels as though it became more important to Tom, to make his dad proud.

He got that illusive gold this morning and it just made me think that his dad must have been smiling down. I really do think that the people we love, who have passed on, do watch over us and share in our successes. We may not be able to feel them and have a hug from them but they are definitely have them close all of the time.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “they watch over us

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There are a lot of cultures in which the dead are considered to be as real and present as the living are. They are always there, even if we can’t see them, and they offer us wisdom. Your post made me think of that. Whatever the truth is about what happens after we die, if it comforts the living to feel that connection, then why not?

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