the weightlessness of relief

woman kissing gold balloon
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Even a helium balloon would weigh me down

When feeling the wave of relief rolling in

As the tide’s been out, sand scratchy and dry

Underfoot, but cool water soothes the toes

Just like relief can soothe my soul.

Thank the Lord, the cat is back! We went to bad having not seen him for a full twenty-four hours, thinking that we would never see him again. After all, he had never set foot outside the garden before.

We woke at eight and there was still no sign of him, but as we were having coffee and sausage sandwiches we heard meowing coming from the garden.

We both ran down the stairs, flung open the door and found our beautiful white cat looking a little bit grubby, but healthy and just casually wanting some breakfast.

Anyway, that feeling of relief is such a wonderful feeling. When something bad happens we describe it as making our stomach drop and something heavy resting on our shoulders. Relief is the exact opposite and it is glorious.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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