The majesty of it all

It’s no wonder that those poets wrote the words they did

With awe inflated by the mountains and the lakes

That shimmer black, proving that the depths could eat

Our bodies and our souls, swallowed whole for nothing more

Than fish food, sinking to three hundred feet.

It would be nice to traipse the children out,

To teach them how and why those words still stand,

Where that inspiration flowed, and hopefully

They’d understand the world some more,

The way it works and why us adults show our fear,

The things we’ve seen and how we know

Control is weak and life is fragile in our hands,

And nature is the ruler of it all, no matter how we try to fight

Against the rising morning light.

One thought on “The majesty of it all

  1. Margot Kinberg

    There is something about nature that puts it all in perspective, I think, Rachel. Nature is always happy to show us how little we really know, and yet, how much beauty there is in the world. No wonder research shows that we are healthier and happier if we spend time in nature.

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