so that’s where he got to

He packed his little bag, and off he went,

Catching trains and big red buses,

All the way to London town, where lights are bright

And life is fast, more exciting than his home

With that lady who sits and reads and knits.

He rode the London Eye, and braved the darkness of the Dungeons,

Ate at fancy restaurants and then began to feel

Oh so sleepy and he couldn’t stay awake,

And so he curled up where he was

And drifted to the land of nod….

I sometimes wish my cat could speak English and when he disappeared for a couple of days I really wished that I could ask him where the hell he had been.

Because I’m a writer, I’m the kind of person who lets my mind run crazy and imagining really far fetched things that could have happened. For example, in one story line he went on a bender at a kitty strip club and was getting up to no good with all of the other boy cats in the neighbourhood.

In another, he went hiking in Snowdonia.

In another, he was hanging out with Taylor Swift and her cats.

You see where I’m going with this.

And then I was flicking through Twitter and I saw this photo. I showed it to Noah and told him it was Joe when he ran away and he genuinely believed me. So there you have it, Joseph went and did a whole load of tourist attractions and then fell asleep in the model village. Sounds about right!

Much Love

Rachel xx

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