how to get the body that will drive men crazy

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Follow these simple steps

And I promise you a body like JLo’s.

You’ll have the men falling

At your skinny little feet,

With literally no effort,

You can thank me next week

When you’re a shimmering goddess.

I was really curious about how to get more traffic going to my blog – I know that a blog about poetry and my own little internal world is probably not that interesting to 99.9% of the population so it’s a difficult task anyway.

However, my research threw up the intriguing point that titles are one of the most important things to think about. Now, I am a sucker for clicking on things that tell me I’ll get skinny in two days if I drink a certain tea, or I’ll make a million pounds if I start selling aloe vera products. I don’t act on them, but I definitely click through (sorry!).

Therefore, I know that titles are really important and so I researched what actually makes a good one. It appears to be a case of trying to work on our base emotions and hooking us in that way.

For example, something about earning lots of money quickly because money is a bit like a drug for most humans. Or, putting the word ‘secret’ in the title makes the reader think they are getting some information that nobody else has, therefore making us feel like we know more than the next man on the street.

It’s basically all about how we are wired and what causes dopamine to get flowing through our brains. And I thought that I’d try a few out so prepare yourself for a few poems about earning your first million and 5 secrets that Jamie Spears has been keeping about that conservatorship. Enjoy :0)

Much Love

Rachel xx

6 thoughts on “how to get the body that will drive men crazy

  1. Greg Dennison

    This is hilarious and beautiful 🙂

    Kind of like when I was at UJ and I saw a flyer that said something like “FREE FOOD! Now that I have your attention, come to the Philosophy Club meeting”

    Speaking of which, I haven’t used that one yet in DLTDGB… I’ll have to do that.

  2. Margot Kinberg

    I love the way your poem hits on those adverts that promise you’ll look perfect, get rich, etc.. if you only do/buy ___. And people believe it, because they so want it to be true. Whatever you end up calling your blog, it’s a terrific blog, and I enjoy every visit here.

  3. Samantha

    I love this! (And I fell for it). During my “how to become a better blogger”-research I was taught a good title has an A and a B part: “The 5 secrets to living a perfect life” (A) “so you’ll never have to worry about yours again” (part B). A promise alone, apparently, isn’t good enough, add a reason.

    In that respect, I am looking forward to your 5 secrets that Jamie Spears has been keeping about that conservatorship, so I can live a richer life myself 😉

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