the beginning of the rest of my life

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It feels like the beginning

Of the rest of my life

But really it’s a pause

A semi-colon

In a rambling sentence

Let’s hope that the remainder

Will read so beautifully

That it rivals the poets

And seems so worth

All the typos and errors

That have come before.

It’s the day before I start my teaching job… for real. I was lucky enough to have a few days to go in before the end of the summer term, but this feels like the real thing as we all go in for the new school year.

I wrote the few lines above because I had said in my mind that this was the start of my life, the life that I should have had if I wasn’t drowning in vodka during my twenties. However, that time in my life still stands and it’s still important. So this is more of a pause than a new beginning.

I know that this next section of my story will not be perfect and there’ll be bumps along the way, but it feels like I’m on the path that I should have been on all those years ago.

When you first get sober you are promised that if you work at your sobriety you will have the life of your dreams. I thought that would mean that I’d be rich, famous and successful. But as I’ve traveled through this time, I’ve come to realise that the simple things like a job I’m proud of are just what my dreams were made of.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “the beginning of the rest of my life

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Whatever happens this school year, you will grow and learn an incredible amount, Rachel. And that is what really matters. I wish you much success! Your students will be lucky to have you.

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