they say to ask for help

they say to open up, to tell them what

is eating at your brain.

what black and lecherous fear

nibbles at the nervous system.

but is that really safe i ask?

i haven’t seen much kindness here,

my feelings are that solid walls

will save a life and just one brick

slid from out of place

will let their long and spindly fingers

worm their way right in.

and if they make through those holes

they’ll tear until you’re made of shreds,

not human but a wreckage of

the person you once were.

I know that you’re not supposed to say this, but asking for help isn’t always safe. It hurts me so much to hear people say that you must open up about your struggles; that people will be kind and forgiving. People aren’t always nice and if they can sniff out a weakness they will dig in their fingernails and tear until there is nothing left. That was a tough lesson to learn and it saddens me when people order you to open up. I feel like I must be a bad person to appear to be the exception to this kindness rule.

Be careful what you can promise people. You certainly can’t promise that everyone will be nice.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “they say to ask for help

  1. Margot Kinberg

    You’re right, Rachel. People aren’t always kind, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be safe if you do open up to someone. It’s a big, big risk, and I can easily see how someone would choose not to, no matter how nice the other person seems. It’s a risk you have to assess anew every time.

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