the cabinet reshuffle

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We sit around the polished table top,

Shuffling notes while waiting for the human shuffle,

The words from PM telling us what will

Befall our futures, will we see the end

Of this day when we were called?

The silence sits so heavily

Upon our sloping shoulders, buckling

Underneath the worry that our jobs will hang

On scales that never seem to balance,

That never seem to fairly show

The hate we have directed in our way.

And then the words will flow from him,

And we are told that jobs are lost

All because the papers chose to stick

Their sharp, barbed claws

Into our softening leather skin.

The UK government has had a bit of a cabinet reshuffle today and most notably our Education Secretary has been sacked. Given everything that has gone on in schools over the past two years, it hardly seems surprising that he has beed axed.

However, listening to it all on the news made me think how awful it must be to go into one of those cabinet meetings knowing that your job is on the line. If you know that you have made mistakes and that you are unpopular with the public, you must feel like a bit of a lamb to slaughter.

I just spent a moment of my evening thinking about how tense it must be in that room, waiting for your name to be read out. And then to be so publicly asked to walk out in front of the press must feel so shameful.

Gavin’s rule over the schools was a shambles, but even I feel a bit sorry for him – for today, at least. (Please don’t send any hate my way for saying that… I just want to show a bit of compassion when Twitter is tearing a fellow human to pieces).

Much Love

Rachel xx

4 thoughts on “the cabinet reshuffle

  1. clcouch123

    That is a cold process. People come and go in the Cabinet here, though typically it’s not done at a meeting of the whole group. But politicians (here) have many other ways to be cruel to each other. Your compassion is reasonable as well as praiseworthy, and I am thankful for it.

  2. Margot Kinberg

    You make such a good point, Rachel. Whatever we feel politically, those people are human. It must be very tense and difficult for them. And with today’s Internet, trolls are everywhere. Thank you for reminding us to be compassionate.

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