graduation day

The rustle of gowns

And the tilt of the mortar boards

As we stare at the front

Where the dean stands proud,

Handing out scrolls,

Wrapped in red ribbon

And curled around work

That brought the young audience

To their bare knees.

I graduated today! Although I passed my teaching qualification back in July, we couldn’t have a celebration because of COVID. Now that the restrictions have eased we had our little ceremony and it felt really special, given everything we had to go through to get there.

We were lucky enough to have the celebration at the Bombay Sapphire Factory and we had some lovely drinks (mocktails for me, of course). We had a little tour of the factory and then we were presented with our scrolls, before being fed.

They had hired a posh food truck that gave us lush Greek flatbreads filled with salad and halloumi and aubergine. We all sat by the river while we ate and drank and talked about what the future holds.

We may never see each other again, as we go our separate ways, but it’s been a blast getting to know those wonderful people. Good luck to all the new teachers who are going out into the world this September. You’ll smash it!

Much Love

Rachel xx

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