the track meet

blue athletic field
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We gather together, a heaving mass

Of people not seen in so many months

As the javelin flies, and the gun

Explodes for the start of the sprint.

We cheer and we clap as a girl

Flying ahead of the rest

With ribbons in her hair

And fluorescent pink shoes

That flash past the crowd

With each kick of her feet.

I went for a little walk with the family today and we made our way over to the athletics track over the road. For just the second time in the two years that we have lived here, I saw that there was a track and field meet taking place.

I have missed seeing all the grass roots sport that really needs to take place for professional sport to have a chance of blossoming. And we actually sat and watched the kids doing a few races, just because it was lovely to see.

It also brought back some beautiful memories of my time racing as a kid. Most of my racing was in a pool but I remember doing a 1500m on that track when I was about thirteen. Just hearing the sounds took me back and it was just what I needed for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Much Love

Rachel xx

One thought on “the track meet

  1. Margot Kinberg

    What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, Rachel! There’s just something about being out in the open air like that, watching the races. It’s so… alive. And if it reminds you of good times, all the better.

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