all that pent up anger

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It bubbles like the witches’ cauldron,

Plotting spells and hexes for

The unsuspecting teachers who

Dare to tread within their walls,

To tell them what to do.

I am really noticing a lot of anger coming from the students that I teach at the moment. I used to think it was because they hated me for some reason, but now I’m noticing that it’s actually a real hatred for the world around them.

One girl in my tutor group (who I have only been with for four afternoon slots) constantly glowers at me, like I’ve killed someone in her family. I have barely spoken to the girl but she is so angry she dare not even give me a chance.

What kind of life are they going to grow into, if they already feel this angry at such a young age? I do feel angry that they are not giving me a chance and that they want me to be a monster. But I also feel very sad for them. Anger hurts and I hope they can let go soon, before it totally ruins their lives.

Much Love

Rachel xx

9 thoughts on “all that pent up anger

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That much anger is really distressing to see, isn’t it, Rachel? These kids need adults in their lives who will listen to them, take them seriously, hear out their anger, and help them find solutions. It’s the development of social/emotional skills, and it doesn’t happen magically. It takes coaching and practice.

  2. clcouch123

    Youth who are angry. I wouldn’t blame them for feeling disappointment with the world around them. How are things being handled by leaders and other adults? How is the general welfare? How have teens been treated–with kindness and awareness? What kind of world are they coming into? What kind of part will they be allowed to play? Youth should be enjoying the start of (grown-up) self-determination, but I don’t think they are affirmed or encouraged in this way. You are an adult who treats them well. You’re right: their anger can’t be about you. But clearly it’s palpable. I admire your insight and your empathy.

  3. Yetismith

    My guess is they are angry at the world and at “authority” which you represent. I remember feeling that way myself when I was very young. My “elders” had failed me so I was angry at anyone older. I was lucky that I knew, after many years, that something was not right and I sought help. Releasing that anger was such a relief. I have a different version of it now, but that’s another story!

  4. Jaya Avendel

    How stunningly this portrait of anger is! I connect with those raging moments I have had within myself, and remember the times it has burst out. One either has to release anger externally or absolve it internally, and both take strength!

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