eating out at nandos

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The garlic scent assaults the nose

From halfway down the stream of restaurant fronts.

The bustling tables outside in the evening sun

Are advertisements for how mush you will enjoy

A meal in there, where the chicken comes

In mild and hot and herby lemon too.

The knives and forks will clink and clatter

In amongst the happy chatter of

The birthday guests and first time dates,

Mingling in together for one night,

The nerves, the love, the unadulterated joy,

Rolling out across a thousand soda fountain cokes

And woven with a beat from Portugal,

South America, or somewhere more exotic than

This world we live in every day

Where chips and nuggets feed our bellies,

Beige and boring, making Nandos

Just the thing we need for now.

It’s my birthday this week and so that means that we will be having a cheeky little trip to Nandos. Anyone in the UK will know that Nandos is the place to go for every life event, whether it be a first date, a birthday or to celebrate good exam results.

I can’t wait to slip into a world that feels a little less like the boring town I live in. Everything from the decor to the music just transports you. And yes, the spiciest I can go is lemon and herb!

Much Love,

Rachel xx

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