teaching an old dog new tricks

crop man playing with dog on street
Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

Her patchy fur and the leg that doesn’t want to work,

It means that we all cast her out,

She cannot change, she’ll always smell a bit,

It’s hardly worth the time to wash,

To brush her coat and bandage up her paw.

Let’s just let her sit so quiet,

If she snaps we can always put her down

Because we know that change will never come,

Not now she’s old, too old to be reborn.

I’m watching a programme about kids with poor behaviour and how teachers are helping them to turn a corner. These kids are in primary school so the attempts to change them can be seen as a little bit easier than when you are dealing with 11-16 year olds.

It has made me think about the question: how old is too old? I have been to therapy in my thirties and used it to change my behaviours, so I know that it’s do-able. But can you persuade a 15 year old who hates life and doesn’t want to change?

We are all in a bit of a mess after everything we have been through over the last year and a half and fixing the behaviour problems is one of our toughest challenges. I think that the process is the same for everyone though. We just need to give our young humans a safe place where they know the rules and they know the consequences. This is what makes them feel safe and it is what they are lacking at home.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “teaching an old dog new tricks

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I honestly don’t think one’s ever too old to learn and change, Rachel. I’m…much older than 15, and I still learn new things all the time, and my thinking (I hope) grows. You have a very good point that kids benefit so much just from having a place to (the classroom) that is safe and dependable. Yes, of course you want to hold their interest and help them link what they’re learning to their own lives. But more than anything, they need a welcoming, safe place with a structure, consequences, and a routine they know.

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