quiz show host

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He stands behind the chip board set,

Perma-tan and bleached white teeth

Polished up and ready to be flashed

At audiences in their seats, shuffling

And fluttering with pure excitement.

They want the thrill of quiz show questions

That they can whisper under bated breaths,

Waiting for contestants to trip up,

Knowing they could win the prize,

If only they’d been chosen for

The shiny podium with buzzers to be pressed

To win the holiday, the car, the pots and pans

That really are not needed. But meeting him,

That famous face in sparkling polyester coats

Is just as thrilling as the win, he knows

He’s star attraction, selfie taken

For their Instagram, he’ll smile for them,

For money and for fame. But underneath it all

He’d like to strip away the sequin blazer and

The lights that blind and make him sweat,

To be at home with just his cat, his slippers on

And watching someone else be fake for half an hour.

4 thoughts on “quiz show host

  1. Margot Kinberg

    You do wonder what those quiz show hosts are like in real life, and I like the way you’ve ended your poem on that point, Rachel. They look so perfect as to be fake when they’re hosting the show, but you just wonder what’s beneath all that…

    1. patientandkindlove

      One TV judge who prides himself on being nasty came into the petrol station I worked in and he was just the loveliest guy ever. It made me realise that these are all just acts, something I didn’t really appreciate until then.

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