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Today I saw so many things that made me pause,

The man in the bright yellow wellington boots

Walking along the tow path at the side of the canal.

I didn’t write that down because it seemed

So boring at the time, but really it was beautiful.

And so was the purple ribbon, tied to the railings

On the bridge over the rail tracks. I have no idea

Why it was there, so I chose not to write

About that or the dog with no owner, trotting

Quite happily by the side of the road at 5:45

When everyone else sat in a rush hour queue.

And I chose not to write of the girl in the sun dress,

Carrying a pot plant in her circling arms.

I wonder how many things go unnoticed like this,

Far too mundane to commit to plain paper,

Lost to the world in the breezes of time.

I follow a lady on Twitter called Kate Clanchy. She is an English teacher and gets her students to use templates to write the most beautiful poems. Today she had them write about all the things that they saw during the day that didn’t feel worthy of being put in a poem.

I love that idea of capturing the mundane so I really wanted to have a go at this myself. I do find that I focus on some of these weird details when I go on a long run; the things that you wouldn’t normally notice.

I do find that whenever I do the really long ultra runs, I start to see the really strange stuff. Once I saw someone walking a bunny, a dog wearing trainers and a woman praying in the woods while she held a daffodil in her hands. I may well have been hallucinating when I saw some of these things.

But there is most definitely beauty in the everyday detail. You just need to stop and look closely and you will see it.

Much Love

Rachel xx

8 thoughts on “today i saw

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It really is those everyday things – even mundane things – that make up the stuff of life. Those things really add so much richness to our lives, don’t they? And you’ve captured it well here.

  2. Mister Bump UK

    I agree. And that’s a nice poem.
    One of the things I find after my stroke is that I think about things to the nth degree, where never before did they even warrant an observation. That’s just the way it is with me, but I would imagine that observation is similar – there is so much going on, if only we examine the detail.
    Incidentally, I am in Salisbury, UK and pre-COVID there used to be a guy walked around the city with his cat on a lead.

    1. patientandkindlove

      It just goes to show that we all must see the world totally differently. I could notice a thousand things you would miss and vice versa.
      Also, more people should start walking their cats on leads!

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