the perfect high school horror

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The opening sequence works us up,

With someone beautiful, alone

A million miles away from any help,

Just a phone and kitchen knives

To save them from a butchering.

They’ll die, that’s obvious.

We need to stick to formulae,

With shots of empty corridors, at night,

Someone running through a field of corn,

A boozy party full of seniors,

All these elements required.

And then we need the big reveal,

The slightly quirky, friendly type,

The funny one that none of us expect,

Always slayed by pretty girls

Who cry hysterically, with the sliding of each knife,

Ending the horror and ending the psycho’s ugly life.

It’s Halloween week so it feels like we should all be watching scary movies and reading Stephen King books. So, to get into the spirit of things Noah and I watched There’s Somebody in your House on Netflix.

It’s a typical high school slasher movie, and for that reason we loved it. It’s a format that has the potential to both scare the crap out of you and also make you laugh and even cringe a little.

But sometimes it’s the predictability of something that makes it so special. The fact that you know somebody is going to get murdered at the party makes it strangely comforting – in a sick kind of way.

Anyway, have a spooky week everyone – and make sure you don’t wander into a deserted high school corridor; it could be a fatal mistake!

Much Love

Rachel xx

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