does money flow to money?

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Like murky flows of water so polluted with

Our putrid thoughts and selfish acts,

The paper notes and crusted metal coins

Funnel from account to hand,

To yet another dirty hand. But surely

There are river banks that channel cash

And keep the poor from dipping in?

Let’s keep this wealth in places it belongs

And let those trashy people rot

In their flats, unheated and

Stacked with loaves of bread and value beans.

I went with my dad to a ladies’ night that was organised by the Freemasons last night. I quite enjoy getting dressed up for these nights out but I always feel really taken aback by how much money is thrown around.

Many of the men in my dad’s lodge are absolutely minted and I’m always left wondering how someone gets quite so rich. But then the games and the raffle begin and I start to think that maybe they just attract that wealth.

I have heard the expression that money is attracted to money, but I’m starting to see that there may be something in that saying.

Last night, one guy one about seventy quid playing heads or tails. It’s a game of chance, so why did he win rather than anyone else in the room? I just wonder whether there is some cosmic energy that people tap into?

Whatever it is that causes this phenomenon, I certainly don’t have any of that magical energy – and I’m open to any advice if anyone knows what these people are doing.

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “does money flow to money?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I wish I had the magic touch, Rachel, but I don’t. I do know, though, that most of the people I know who have money tend to have friends who also have money. Perhaps like attracts like. In any case, it’s funny you’d post this now. Right now, there’s a big lottery on in the US – top prize at the moment is about 160 million quid. Can you image???

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