lovely leathery skin

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I wish that my skin was lovely and leathery,

Tough and textured, unlikely to pierce,

It’ll take many years to form skin so thick,

But when it is formed I will wear it with pride,

And never a person will make my heart cry.

I really want to grow a thick skin. I have been told that it will happen in my line of work. But I have to say that it can’t happen quickly enough.

Every horrible look that I get from a student, and every rude comment, hurts me somewhere deep inside my heart. I guess this is a bit like exercising a muscle and the more I let this stuff roll off my back, the easier it will get. But crikey, I wish there was some kind of gadget I could buy off a shopping channel that would get me there quicker.

I think I need to design and patent such a gadget and I will make my millions. The ‘Battery Operated Skin Thickener’ would be the number one stocking filler this year if I could design and manufacture it in time.

So for all those people trying to soften their skin with creams and lotions, spare a thought for us who want a nice leathery skeletal covering.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “lovely leathery skin

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It is hard to hear those things that students say, isn’t it, Rachel? I can imagine you just want to have some sort of turtle shell or something to protect yourself. That’s why I treasure the kind things people say to me or do for me. They form a sort of ‘protective coating’ for me.

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