the answer to a crap day at work

It can be tough

To pretend, five days a week

That you want to be shouted at,

To be trodden on,

To be spoken over.

But we carry on regardless,

In the hope that when we’re eighty

We might enjoy retirement

For one whole day

Before we die.

Sorry, I know that’s a bit of dark little poem, but I did have a bit of a crappy day. And sometimes it does cause you to just pause and wonder if there is a point to it all. It scares me that if I stop and moan for too long, I’ll lose momentum and just need to curl up and die.

However, I have obviously developed some coping strategies to deal with these bad days. And one of those is to go on Twitter or Instagram and look at memes about other people having a bad day at work.

Looking at anything else on there is toxic and not healthy for me. But those memes just tickle me. I leave one below for you if you are having a bad day – enjoy.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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