the power of the stars

starry sky over mountains
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That our futures are now written

Out in tiny pin pricks of white light,

We put our faith in them,

We wish upon them

And yet they are so very far away,

Those burning balls of gas

That one day will just eat themselves,

Under stress they’ll turn within

And disappear from life.

What is it about stars that just transfix us? We believe that they are powerful, and we put an immense amount of faith in them, and yet, they are just giant burning balls of gas.

I haven’t ever studied the stars in any kind of academic sense, but I do find them fascinating. Going to the Science Museum or the planetarium is a real treat and it blows my mind every time I consider how far away they are.

And then there’s the beauty of them. I’m sure I’m not the only person who looks up at the sky and just has to stop and hold their breath? I have memories of being a kid and lying in the garden with my cousins, looking up at the sky and counting the shooting stars. Those memories are so fond and they feel so cinematic.

Then, when I’ve been stressed I’ve sometimes stopped walking between the car and the house and just looked upwards. That pause in life is sometimes all I need; to consider just how small I am and how beautiful life can be.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “the power of the stars

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I think people have always been fascinated by stars because we’ve never been to them. So, there are all sorts of stories and myths and legends about them. And people such as the Polynesians and other ancient sailors have always used them tor navigation. To me, it’s little wonder that people find such fascination in astrology, too, and that the Mayans were so intent on working out the stars’ movements.

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