what’s really down there?

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Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Pexels.com

What’s underneath, in the deep and the dark,

The water so murky that anything could

Be lurking in wait to grab at your wrists,

Your ankles, pulling you down to your death.

Those long muscly tentacles reach out for you

When you least expect fighting for valuable air,

That’s when that sea monster will swim after you.

I find it absolutely crazy that some people are scared of water, or they can’t ride a bike or if they don’t read books. These are all things I like and so they have always come naturally to me.

Swimming is one of those things that puts the fear of God into some people; that fear of having a expanse of water below you is very real. And then if you throw in the fact that you can’t see down in the sea, I can understand why people are afraid.

I, on the other hand, see swimming as a bit like flying; it’s so freeing. I feel like I’m immune to those sea monster fears that plague other people.

I do wonder if life would be different if I had that fear and what fears do hold me back. I’ve been lucky enough to swim across the English Channel and it is my proudest achievement, but if I was scared of what’s below I wouldn’t have even left the beach.

I must have loads of fears that have kept me on my metaphorical beach, and I suppose we all have them. I’m going to try and start dipping my toe in a bit more regularly this year. Make sure you don’t get stranded on the beach worrying about a sea monster that doesn’t even exist.

Yours Swimmingly,

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “what’s really down there?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It is interesting, isn’t it, how the things that scare some people so much are things that other people find pleasant, or even exhilarating. I love riding horses, for instance (although I haven’t had much opportunity these past years). But I know there are some people who are terrified of that. Interesting how different we all are about those things.

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