Louise Woodward -guilty or not?

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The world was watching on All Hallows Eve

As jury members take their seats

The courthouse holds collective breath

And when that verdict rolls from lips

The screams from England could be heard.

Those cries as such a young girl lost

A life along with him within her care;

No one won, just pain dished out

To everyone involved.

We have a three part documentary playing on TV at the moment and it’s bringing back lots of memories of that time, twenty-five years ago, when the whole country held its breath and waited for a verdict; a verdict that didn’t deliver what we wanted.

I was twelve when the case went to court so I was only about six years younger than Louise. I remember watching the case unfold and really paying attention to something like that for the first time in my life.

I think that so many people in their teens at that time, saw a lot of themselves in Louise. And that is scary – to put yourself in such a scary scenario.

Watching the episode tonight, we saw the moment when she was declared guilty and that cry that she let out still haunts me. I have no idea whether she actually hurt that child but I can still feel the fear that washed over me when I watched it at such a young age.

Again, it just goes to show how life can change in an instant, and sometimes we have absolutely no control over that.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “Louise Woodward -guilty or not?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I remember hearing and reading about this case, Rachel. It was everywhere in the news here in the US. I’ve often wondered since exactly what happened that day. We may never know, but it’s just heartbreaking either way, isn’t it?

    1. patientandkindlove

      It’s crazy that both sides of the Atlantic were hooked on the case… and I’m sure that your media put a very different spin on the story. I feel like both sides were given different stories and we all just backed whoever our newspapers told us to back.

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