Wouldst thou wake me up before you go go?

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I had another hilarious encounter with a Year 9 today. I am definitely going to write these down and release a book – I’ll probably have enough material by the end of my first year.

Anyway, I was teaching Romeo and Juliet (a personal favourite of mine, so I was really getting into it). I was writing on the board when one of the kids behind me called out ‘didn’t that careless whisper guy ever work with Shakespeare?’

I paused, unsure that I heard correctly. ‘Do you mean George Michael?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, him!’ the student nodded enthusiastically.

The teaching assistant that was in my room almost killed her self laughing. I was struggling to breathe as I explained that William Shakespeare and George Michael, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to work together.

When I joined the teaching profession I never thought that I would be using precious teaching time to clarify that Shakespeare was never the other member of Wham.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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