a bit of unexpected fame

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Who the hell is Sue Gray?

Until last month I thought that maybe

She was my geography teacher from back in the day.

She probably wishes that was her job,

Now as she’s thrust into a spotlight that’s harsh

And her words will be pored over

With a fine tooth comb. She never wanted

This fame that she has, so keep your head low Sue

And hope that this disaster will blow over soon.

I have always wondered what it would be like to have a five minutes of fame, even though it was not expected or particularly wanted. I don’t think I’d want it to happen, but I’m curious to know what it feels like.

There is a certain report that everyone in the UK is waiting for and it is being written by a lady called Sue Gray. Until two weeks ago, none of us had heard of the woman; now she’s on every news bulletin we see.

She is a civil servant so she hasn’t exactly milked her moment in the spotlight. We haven’t seen her stumbling out of clubs and rubbing shoulders with reality TV stars – but I would pay good money to see that.

Still, I bet it has really messed with her head – even the most stable of people would probably feel a bit wobbly when they are so suddenly made to feel so exposed. You see people who go viral or find themselves in the news or suddenly get really successful and they really seem to struggle with that pressure that comes with it.

Fame must be scary at the best of times. But when you didn’t even set out to be famous, I can only imagine how discombobulated you must feel. Has anyone had five minutes of fame? How did it feel?

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “a bit of unexpected fame

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That’s a really interesting question, Rachel! What would it feel like to have that fame and fortune. I’m not sure I’d like it very much, that’s for sure. I like my privacy, and I think it would be too jarring to have journos follow me everywhere, and to have every eyelash blink be trumpeted all over social media. No, thanks.

  2. Christopher

    I’ve met and spent time with celebrities (Mister Rogers, for one) and so ended up in news photos with them. That’s all; my name was not elevated. So far, I’d say that’s just as well.

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