kids are bonkers

I am absolutely exhausted. Too tired to write a lot.

But I did just want to say that kids are bonkers,

Like certifiably mad. No word or a lie,

I had one (that wasn’t in my class)

Run into the room and complete a lap

In his swimming goggles and outside jacket,

He grabbed my roll of blue roll, and ran,

A stream of blue paper fluttering behind

As he disappeared into the throngs

Of other nutty children, egging him on.

10 thoughts on “kids are bonkers

      1. Margot Kinberg

        Wow!!! What a day!! Yikes! I have to wonder if something’s going on with a kid who does something like that. Or, perhaps he’s a free spirit who needs to learn how unleash his creativity in productive ways. Either way, yikes!

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