the charity shop book shelf

light inside library
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Through the musty racks of clothes,

Saturday morning shoppers, shuffling

Through the shelves of china cups

And ornaments from ugly houses,

Somehow boxed up when a person dies.

I wonder if someone will buy

The porcelain cat or dancing lady

As I make my way to find the books,

The place I can escape to like

The wardrobe through to Narnia.

I did a little bit of book shopping today – in the charity shop, of course, because I’m not extra enough to buy those things new. I do just love charity book ships though.

There is something so lovely about knowing you are about to enter a world that somebody has already walked through. I see books a little bit like theatre for one – an immersive experience that you come out of the other end, feeling like a slightly different person.

And when you buy a second hand book it’s like entering that theatre on a ticket that somebody has already used. The performance will be different because we all interpret words in our own special way.

Some people would never dream of buying a book that has already been read, but I think it’s special. And the biggest treat of all is when there is a beautiful message scrawled in the front – an extra special link to my predecessor.

Much Love

Rachel xx

5 thoughts on “the charity shop book shelf

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I like charity bookshops, too, Rachel. It’s like you’re giving this book a new home, and yourself a chance at a new adventure. What’s not to love? I love it when I see an inscription, too. It makes you wonder about the person who donated the book. That’s a whole life that touches yours in that small way.

  2. Christopher

    Much of my library, so to speak, is not new. There are second-hand bookstores around here, and I’m grateful for them. Sometimes they include conversations with cats.

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