the school trip

parked yellow school bus
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We counted heads, ticking names

From the clipboard, printed by the office ladies,

We know we’ll lose one sometime in the day,

He’ll wander off, causing panic,

But girls are singing Taylor Swift already,

And someone’s throwing sweetie papers,

One hundred miles of this hell until

We reach a musty museum no one wants to see.

A sea of navy jumpers spread like gas

Released into the aisles to bounce around

With sticky fingers pressed against the glass.

Rounding up those errant kids will hurt

But picnicking on grassy slopes in summer sun

Seems to make it all worth while, and as they sleep

On the ride back to the school I smile,

It wasn’t all that bad….

School trips are starting to become a thing again and I’m so excited. Because I trained to be a teacher during COVID, I’ve still not had the chance to go on one, so I’m buzzing for the chance to go.

We have a Year 7 week away planned and they have been asking for volunteers. I’ve put my name down for the midweek changeover, taking down a new group of students and bringing back the first lot. I know that I will probably just be looking after kids who are feeling travel sick on the coach – but I’m still really excited about a day out.

I’ve been told that I’ll probably hate it, but I’ll remain naive and positive, no matter how stupid that is.

Much Love

Rachel xx

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