the scam artist

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Her heels clack on the floor as she glides

Into the gallery, snatching a glass

From a tray as it passes, sipping Champagne

Like she is meant to be here.

She knows who’s the target; researched him

Religiously, until she knows him to bend him,

Mold him into a shape that can work.

And the words, they come out so easy,

He’ll melt in just minutes; his money is hers

And she’ll be gone when he knows.

I’m watching lots of programmes that are all about scammers and I find it amazing how people can do it so easily. Recently I’ve watched both the Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna and they both show people who are so confident in their own words and actions that I’m not sure they even know where the lies start and end.

I don’t want to scam anyone, but I do wish that I had some of that confidence that these people show. Anna Delvey was only twenty-five and she was asking for loans from major players in the banking scene which I find unbelievable.

When I was about thirty, I got a job as a recruitment consultant and I was told that you just have to wing it when you go into meetings with finance directors. But those titles would terrify me and I would stumble over words and say the wrong thing. And I wasn’t even doing anything wrong – I was just wanting to help them find staff.

It would be interesting to see how these people fared if they did things by the book. Would they be CEO’s within a few years of joining a company, or would they piss off all the wrong people and end up getting fired? One thing is for sure, they wouldn’t be a wallflower like me.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “the scam artist

  1. Margot Kinberg

    It is fascinating, isn’t it, Rachel, how scammers are able to get away with it. And it’s not just about being smart; some very, very intelligent people have been taken in by scammers. One thig about scammers: they have no problem lying. They make it seem like truth.

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