inhaling those words

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The beautiful binding that deserves so much care

It also needs to be ripped from the pages

So that the thick cream pages

Can be torn to shreds

And the words can be eaten

Or inhaled in the deepest of breaths

The letters are rattling in lungs and in brains.

I was walking through the supermarket one day when I spotted the new book by one of my favourite authors. I think that I may have let out a little squeak as I stood in the aisle, staring at the most beautiful of front covers.

I scooped it up and carried to the checkout like it was a baby. I stroked the cover at one point (because I do love a hardback book and so stroking them is totally normal).

The feeling when I got it home was that I wanted to eat the book. That sounds so strange, but it was overwhelming. I didn’t want to eat it because I was hungry, but because I wanted the story in my head immediately. I knew it was going to be so good that I couldn’t even bear to spend the time needed to read it.

I’m a huge fan of Lucy Foley and her new book is coming out soon and I’m having a similar feeling. I’m preparing for that moment when I see it in Sainsbury’s. This time I’m going to play it cool and not squeak when I see it though.

Much Love

Rachel xx

2 thoughts on “inhaling those words

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Oh, I know that feeling, Rachel! It’s like a siren’s song when you see a new book by an author whose work you love, isn’t it? You can’t resist, and the book becomes a treasured prize.

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