communication sucks

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There’s lines so very fine

That communication runs along

And when they snap and fray away

The words are lost, flittering

Away on babbled crap

While some of us just panic

In our corners in those floods of tears.

I have split classes that I teach, meaning that I teach the class for one or two lessons a week while another teaches the other lessons. This is great as it gives the students a different face and a different style of teaching, but it does require excellent communication.

And this week, as we’re coming out of half term the communication has not been great, and OMG, I’m having a panic because of it.

I’ve sent emails and been through every lesson on the system so that I’m ready, come what may – but I still feel on the back foot and that’s never a pleasant feeling.

Communication is so important in all aspects of life and this kind of thing shows just how crappy it is when it’s not happening. It makes me so aware of how relationships can break down if things aren’t communicated with clarity. Any misinterpretation can be catastrophic.

I’m sure that if I screw up a Year 7 lesson tomorrow, I’m not going to ruin the lives of those students, but it may still ruin my night of sleep and that will affect my life.

It has just reminded me that I need to be on it when I pass classes back because you need to think of things from the other teacher’s perspective. Plus, I share one class with the Deputy Head teacher and I don’t really want to be pissing her off!

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “communication sucks

  1. Margot Kinberg

    Good communication makes all the difference in the world, especially if you’re doing a project together. It might be teaching co-authoring, or something else, but you can never make assumptions about what the other person is thinking. You have to communicate. In fact, I sometimes think solid communication skills are more important than almost any other job skill.

  2. clcouch123

    As someone with a Communication degree who’s taught and consulted on the subject, I agree with the importance and yet accept that mistakes will happen, sometimes through agenda though far more often through misunderstanding and unintentional missteps. I’m not sure why I said that except that I know you’re working very hard and through your effort and dedication there will be progress and success.

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