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There’s a girl I work with who is an absolute force of nature and so ‘together’ for a person of her age. She’s another one of those people I have met and the first thought that has entered my mind is that she has been parented really well.

Most of us who have broken bits have them because of the way we were brought up, and that’s not me playing the blame game. No human can bring up a child perfectly; we’ll always damage them a little bit.

But this girl is particularly impressive and I wondered what her parents were like. She was telling me the other day that her mum wants to retire from her job so that she can run an alpaca farm. I thought this was quite a funny thing to say so I asked her what her mum did.

I expected her to say that she was a lawyer or a CEO but she replied that her mum was a vicar.

Firstly, I nearly choked on my coffee as I hadn’t expected that AT ALL. Then I thought that actually that made a lot of sense because this girl is so cool, calm and collected. Of course she was brought up by a woman who can comfort people in their darkest times and then fight for money at council meetings an hour later.

Anyway, I was chatting to her today and we were talking about how to talk to the students about Russia. We have some nervous students and I always worry that I’ll just make them feel worse.

This teacher said ‘we tell them that, yes it is a scary time, but the world has been through this before, and good always wins eventually.’

I walked away thinking that was just the most perfect thing to say. I need to live with a vicar for a while so that I can say perfect things in the perfect moment.

Much Love

Rachel xx

PS I would definitely visit her alpaca farm (and I’d probably never leave).

2 thoughts on “good will always win

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I love that attitude, Rachel! Things are scary right now but she’s right; they will be OK, and we’ll be OK. And I’m with you about visiting that alpaca farm. I’ve seen them from the outside, but never been on one! I think that mother must be a fascinating person.

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