paper thin walls

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The wall between our rooms are delicate

Like wings of butterflies and tissue paper

Used to wrap up fragile gifts, so thin

That light shines gently through.

But so does sound, it travels to

The room next door, where hungry ears

Pressed against the wall can hear

Every word you say.

The wall between my classroom and my Head of Department’s office is paper thin and it makes me so frightened. It’s quite fun to hear her conversations because I’m sure some of them are meant to be private (I have heard somebody handing in their notice in real time).

However, it also works the other way and so she can hear everything that goes on in my room.

Today was Parents’ Evening and I could hear her on the other side of the wall. I haven’t had any problems with parents and I tend to get on quite well with them, but I still get nervous and so I babble a bit when I contact them.

That meant that she could hear all the ridiculous crap I come out with when I do my nervous talking. I just hope that she found it funny and I’m not pulled into the office for a talking to tomorrow.

Much Love

Rachel xx

7 thoughts on “paper thin walls

  1. Margot Kinberg

    That’s got to be awkward, Rachel. It reminds me just a bit of when I used to have an office right across from my supervisor. I often wondered what she thought of my office meetings…

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