you can’t get fired at lunchtime, can you?

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You can’t, can you?

Get fired in the middle of the day?

Sure;y they’d call you in at 9am

And send you packing in time

For Homes Under the Hammer

And a Pot Noodle in pyjamas?

Or maybe at the end of the day,

You know, they might as well

Get a full day of work out of you.

I have a follow up meeting with my Head of Department tomorrow and, because this is me, I’m getting nervous that they’re going to call me in to fire me. I don’t know where this fear has originated, but it sometimes leads me into trouble because I panic.

When I lost my job just after I gave up drinking, I had got myself so worried that the bosses hated me and were going to fire me, that I actually ended up making the relationship unworkable. They had no choice but to let me go; essentially, I had dug my own grave.

Tomorrow, my meeting is at lunchtime, so I’m guessing that the news can’t be that bad. I’m working under the assumption that it’s ridiculous to send someone home in the middle of the day. (Especially, a teacher – they’re desperate for us so they’d surely get a full day out of me first, right?)

Much Love

Rachel xx

3 thoughts on “you can’t get fired at lunchtime, can you?

  1. Margot Kinberg

    I understand your nervousness; I’ve felt that way, too. But objectively speaking, I don’t think it’ll be a worst-case scenario. Take a deep breath; you’ll be OK.

  2. clcouch123

    Feel free to ignore this advice. But take care, please, not to let fear of failure color your other actions. I know I’m perfectly capable of doing this.

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